Saturday, August 14, 2021


 3803 Old York Road, Gastonia, NC 28056

New ones may come on Tuesday or Thursday morning from 9-12 and bring your ID with list of income and expenses..

Featured news:  IGS Energy sends service day volunteers to BREAD!

We are so excited and grateful to God For our new facility

Donations always appreciated:

Food:  Food donations welcome! We are grateful for anything you would like to bring! Current food needs are  canned meat or stew, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, eggs, potato flakes, and milk. We do have a source for bread, noodles, and drinks.

Clothes, household:  Items in high demand: men's used comfortable shoes,  men's jeans and t-shirts, and backpacks for those who walk or strong carry bags or suitcases that can be pulled on wheels, small tent for homeless. 

Furniture: There is a high demand for household essentials and small furniture as the homeless  find places to stay. We accept donations of clean furniture.

We are open from 9-12 on Tuesday and Thursday. We arrive an hour before and leave an hour after our open times. The best time to bring a donation is before or after we open or after "rush" which is 9-10:30.

Holiday Wish List: Food for holiday meal boxes: Mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, canned vegetables and fruit, yams, soups.


IGS Energy sent 5 professional volunteers for their service day! We enjoyed having them. What fun! "The POWER to do good!"


We have our own TRUCK! Thanks to a grant from SC Johnson, Mann & Hummel and Clariant, we were able to purchase a 12'  box truck for picking up larger and higher pallet donations! We've already maxed out it's capacity many times! It's a huge help  since the numbers of people seeking assistance from us has doubled!


Thanks to Owens Corning for your food drive! What a blessing! What a great team! Thanks so much! Their March project included toiletry kits and comfort bags for foster kids. They have been treasures to the kids and homeless members especially have loved the toiletry kits.

We love to share with other ministries, civic groups and schools , too! Need drinks?



We loved having St. Michaels's students come and helps one morning. They were were eager to help and accomplished a great deal! 



BREAD Inc. Receives Grant from SC Johnson

This funding will help sponsor the operations of BREAD in January 2023

 (Gastonia, NC  December 2022) BREAD, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received a grant from SC Johnson to sponsor most of their operational costs in January 2023

This $5,000 grant from SC Johnson will be used to cover most of January’s $6,000 operational expenses including all facility costs and food purchasing. No employee costs are involved since we are all volunteers.

 “We are so grateful to SC Johnson that we can start out the year with our major expenses covered! What a blessing! January is a difficult month for the homeless, elderly and low-income families. Thanks to SC Johnson we are ready to help all we can!”

Due to the impact of cold weather, increased utility costs and food prices; our members often face struggles that peak in January. With SC Johnson’s assistance we have been empowered to increase the impact we can make during this, our coldest month.

BREAD, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit group of volunteers that love providing groceries, clothing, household items, toiletries, outerwear and OTC meds to the financially insecure from our south Gastonia 5k sq. ft. facility.

This $5,000 grant from SC Johnson will enable us in 2023 to go beyond our former limitations.


So fun! A truck stops by and offers us their unaccepted stock: 1,000 bags of pretzels! We love unexpected blessings from trucking companies and others of overstock food or household items!