Saturday, August 14, 2021


 3803 Old York Road, Gastonia, NC 28056

New ones may come on Tuesday or Thursday morning from 9-12 and bring your ID with list of income and expenses..

Featured news: See below: Baby Baggers! A&E Shift promo! Mann & Hummel Fund raiser!

CLOSED: Thanksgiving Day

We are so excited and grateful to God For our new facility

Donations always appreciated:

Food:  Food donations welcome! We are grateful for anything you would like to bring! Current food needs are  canned meat or stew, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, eggs, potato flakes, and milk. We do have a source for bread, noodles, and drinks.

Clothes, household:  Items in high demand: men's used comfortable shoes,  men's jeans and t-shirts, and backpacks for those who walk or strong carry bags or suitcases that can be pulled on wheels, small tent for homeless. 

Furniture: There is a high demand for household essentials and small furniture as the homeless  find places to stay. We accept donations of clean furniture.

We are open from 9-12 on Tuesday and Thursday. We arrive an hour before and leave an hour after our open times. The best time to bring a donation is before or after we open or after "rush" which is 9-10:30.

Holiday Wish List: Food for holiday meal boxes: Mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, canned vegetables and fruit, yams, soups.


We will be closed Thanksgiving  Day.

See our cutest baby baggers. They wanted to help, worked hard, & packed a whole bin full of chips!



A&E, American & Efird raised $100 for BREAD in their shift "change" promotion! YES! They are hiring! Each shift collected their spare change and shared the love with us! We got a bag of coins to spend on food for the need in our area. What a blessing!

Great creativity Mann & Hummel! Thanks for all the caring hearts who pitched in and gave what they could to bless others. May each of you be richly blessed!