Saturday, August 14, 2021


 New Location!
 3803 Old York Road, Gastonia, NC 28056

  .Members: Tuesday and Thursday members bring your cards to the office

New ones: Come on Tuesday or Thursday  morning from 9-12. Bring your ID and list of income and expenses.
We are now accepting donations of food, clothing and small furniture.

NEWS FLASH! We have moved!   God opened the way for us to move to a newer, larger facility in South Gastonia on 3803 Old York Road.  We are still working on all the county and building change of use requirements (which can be a long process) as well as making all the changes required, but we are well on the way

Donations always appreciated:

Food:  Food donations welcome! We are grateful for anything you would like to bring! Current food needs are  canned meat or stew, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, eggs, potato flakes, and milk. We do have a source for bread, noodles, and drinks.

Clothes, household:  Items in high demand: men's used comfortable shoes,  men's jeans and t-shirts, and backpacks for those who walk or strong carry bags or suitcases that can be pulled on wheels, small tent for homeless. 

Furniture: There is a high demand for household essentials and small furniture as the homeless coming out of programs find places to stay. We accept donations of clean furniture.

We are open from 9-12 on Tuesday and Thursday. We arrive an hour before and leave an hour after our open times. The best time to bring a donation is before or after we open or after "rush" which is 9-10:30.

Holiday Wish List: Food for holiday meal boxes: Mashed potatoes, stuffing mix,  canned, frozen or refrigerated meat.


We have extra flamin' hot Mountain Dew to share with your organization! We partner with several groups who serve those in need, but we are also sometimes able to share with schools and larger groups for promotions and events! Promote your team with give aways!  "Our team is "flamin' hot!


Thanks to Owens Corning for their creative community service project! They made 300 special toiletries bags for the homeless and families in need. They were a big hit, filled with goodies and so well done! There's a company with a big heart! 


We have new landscaping! We are so grateful to donors Jay and Keith, Visionary volunteers Tom and Nancy, and extra dirt and gravel donations from SITE ONE! We all pitched in to dig and plant,
and the results were wonderful!  

Small furniture and household essentials needed

We have started accepting small furniture and  household items. We have received donations of two house fulls. The furniture has already gone to help 3 homeless and 1 family that had nothing to get started.  We also partner with other organizations helping the homeless who have found housing when we have extra furniture.



We have a walk-in cooler! It's been a dream for years to have one! Thanks to a donation from Ron Duncan and Your Equipment Guys we have a place to keep a huge amount of summer veggies, salads, dairy and refrigerated donations! How exciting for us and what a blessing. We love increasing our capacity to serve!


Big thanks to the generous hearts at Queen of the Apostles Parish who brought in two pick up trucks of food they collected for us to meet the needs of the community with. We are grateful for their caring thoughtfulness! Thanks Vin and Tom for bringing it over!


Creative WOW! Christmas gift from Colony Ridge HOA! Carolyn Dewalt organized a baking bag project. She collected 41 bags and brought them to BREAD to give away. She and her husband had lots of fun presenting her neighborhood's generous gifts to the families who came on Tuesday. See all the goodies they packed in the bags!


Many thanks to all the families who brought food to help other families have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gaston county just may be the most generous county of all.

Wow! Piedmont Community Charter School Middle School broke this years donation record by gathering 4000 food items for BREAD just in time for the holidays! Never doubt what young people can do! Boxes and bags kept coming and coming. Felt like Christmas!

The clerk of court's office brought canned meats, and all sorts of Thanksgiving items to make our boxes special for those who come next week. Living in a community that cares and shares the love God put inside us, can make all the difference for ones who are going through hard times during the Holidays.


Big thanks to CMC Rebar of Gastonia! Their 65 employees collected 200lbs of food for us to share with those in need over the Holidays! See part of it in the picture! We enjoyed meeting 4 of their great bunch: Lisa, Lori, Crystal and Aaron! What a big blessing!



Thank you Kings Mountain Energy Center for your creative donation of servicing our forklift. It needed some hefty repairs and servicing. We were so blessed to receive this thoughtful gift! Thanks to Dustin with G&W Equipment for doing such a great job!


Advance Drainage Systems brought by food donations and a check to help us with our expenses as we work hard to open our doors. How thoughtful and what a big blessing!  Companies that bless their communities DO make a big difference!

We are getting  cement floors ground down and painted. Office are getting flooring, walls painted, lighting and electricity set up. Almost ready! We are excited!


Moving day ! August 21! Our investors have purchased this facility to rent to us and we will be able to make it our own. As soon as we meet all the city requirements, applications and permits we will have our Grand Opening. There are many projects to complete before we can open, so if you can spare some extra time and are a good fix it, paint it, nail it, or help-some-how person please send us an email or call and let us know! We would be very grateful~ !

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New SC Johnson Grant Helps BREAD!

We’re pleased to announce a boost to our Moving and Start up Project in the form of a grant from the consumer products company SC Johnson.

This $40,000 grant will be used to help us pay for transitioning to our larger facility, meet all the code and county requirements, as well as help us through the extra operating expenses of the first year.  The building we had leased for over a decade sold in April. We were already at the place of outgrowing that space.  This grant came at the perfect time to help make it possible for us to accept the challenge of choosing the larger space, bringing it up to code and functioning requirements, as well as taking on the increased expense of a building that’s 50% larger.

 We hope to keep most of our current clients while expanding services to meet needs in the south Gastonia area. Our larger facility will enable us to increase the quantity of people served as well as expanding our ability to provide food for area groups and ministries that reach out with solutions for the abused, addicted, homeless, jobless, elderly, single moms, struggling families, etc.

SC Johnson is a family company dedicated to innovative, high-quality products, excellence in the workplace and a long-term commitment to the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Based in the USA, the company is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of household cleaning products and products for home storage, air care, pest control and shoe care, as well as professional products. It markets such well-known brands as GLADE ® , KIWI ® , OFF! ® , PLEDGE ® , RAID ® , SCRUBBING BUBBLES ® , SHOUT ® , WINDEX ® and ZIPLOC ® in the U.S. and beyond, with brands marketed outside the U.S. including AUTAN ® , BAYGON ® , BRISE ® , KABIKILLER ® , KLEAR ® , MR MUSCLE ® and RIDSECT ® .

 The 134-year-old company employs approximately 13,000 people globally and sells products in virtually every country around the world.

We at BREAD are so grateful to SC Johnson for this big blessing!


We have sad news. Our retired volunteer with many years of service and leadership, Jim Brackett, has passed away this week. His services and information is available at the link below. He will be dearly missed. Love and hugs to his wife Linda as she goes through this difficult time.