December Christmas Box Distribution to BREAD Clients.

We worked as hard as we could while long lines waited for food boxes with the special hams inside. They were excited and grateful for the blessing of such wonderful food to be able to provide to those in need.! Below is Ann one of our volunteers (so tired) after such a huge day.

Mrs. Lowery Honored by Local Church for Her Community Service
Mrs. Lowery, our president, was honored today for her community service work. Ephasus Seventh-day Adventist Church chose BREAD as the charity in the community that they wanted to recognize this year. We enjoyed our visit. That is one musically talented church! They were very welcoming and friendly.

Nancy Jones lead out in the community service recognition planning. She also has a giving heart and is a delight to know.

Several of our clients were invited to the service and luncheon. This is Betty and James. Betty says she's been coming to BREAD for about 6 months and has a small income. She says BREAD helps her pay her bills because of the groceries she doesn't have to buy. James says that BREAD is a blessing to Him. He says God spared his life and he will serve Him until the day he dies.

This is Sharon, Marketta, beyonka. Sharon says that Bread is a big help in keeping her kids fed. She thanks God for BREAD every day.

Meet Mary Jones. She looks forward to coming to BREAD every week. She said BREAD has really helped her.

Love those in need. Change a live. Bring hope back.