Featured Volunteers


 Our president, Mrs. Lowery, affectionately Sister Lowery, is serving up a triple birthday party for our volunteers. 

 This is Dolores. She spent 20 years in the military and 20 years working for DSS. Her experience is a great value to us. We love having her as part of our team!

  Oleeta joined us over 15 years ago. She took care of her mother until she passed away and then came to volunteer with us. When asked how old she was she laughed, "80 degrees!" She is our box packer and loves her job and the people she works with. She says she would be lost without it.


"Peanut" is a long-time volunteer that helps in the stocking room. She is faithful and hard working and a blessing!

Meet Randy, he takes care of the drink room. When our clients pick out drinks, he is there to help and enjoys getting to know you.
This is Bobby, He look a little like Santa Claus and enjoys giving you a box of surprises to take home and enjoy! He's got a big heart.
Here's Kenny. He helps everywhere. He likes meeting people and offering them the most unique items from the window.  When we have food only a few people will like we let them pick it out.  He has given out jars of cactus, artichokes, extra spicy Japanese flavorings, unusual olives and all sorts of unique sauces.  

Meet Charlie Brown. He's the first one a client sees when they come to BREAD. He's 73 and saw the need for someone to control traffic to our 6 parking spaces and stepped right in. He knows most everyone and no one leaves without his hearty welcome and encouraging smile.

Jim has now retired from every day volunteering but he still brings food donations in, drives the big truck and he and Linda help out when needed. We are grateful for all the years of service of Jim and  Linda!

 Victoria presented us with a gift of her artwork depicting volunteers serving families who come to BREAD for assistance. There's alot of her love and giving in that painting. Thank you for your big heart and your big gift, Victoria! She is starting a small business doing art work. If you would like to have a painting done, we will be glad to put you in contact with her.